If you are living alone or are worried about a senior living alone, you may be looking for practical solutions to alert others if there is a medical emergency.  While many products and services are available to help you feel secure in your home, Life Guardian Mobile is marketing a medical pendant necklace with distinct features that gives you peace of mind.  Below are the top five features that set us apart from other medical pendant providers:

1.) Fall Detection

One feature our customers appreciate about our medical pendant necklace is its ability to detect falls.  You no longer need to worry that your loved one lay for hours without help in the event of emergency.

Our medical pendant works in two ways. You can push the button to activate assistance, or it can detect falls automatically in the event of emergency due to a slip or tumble.  When this happens, we activate the device to speak to you.  If we determine the situation an emergency, or if you do not speak back to us, we will send EMS to your location and notify loved ones immediately.

2.) Remote Access

Many medical pendant devices provide security only when you are in the home. The medical pendant necklace from Life Guardian Mobile, however, works wherever you are, whether at home or on the move.  Our device uses the 4G wireless network to monitor you or your loved one’s activities.  The device can also detect your loved one’s location via its built-in GPS technology. 

You can set a safe zone or “geofence” with this pendant as well.  It will send an alert if the person goes outside their defined perimeter, as determined by you. This feature is ideal for those with dementia who are prone to wander.  You may also disable this feature at any time as well.  You may also track your loved one manually too by texting “Track” to a special number, which will retrieve your loved one’s immediate GPS coordinates within 10 seconds.

3.) Practical Solutions

Our medical pendant necklace is easy to use and live with. It uses one button for connectivity and communication.  Simply hold the button for two seconds to dispatch for assistance.  When we respond, you will hear us clearly with no need to hold the device close to your ear.  For clients who may be blind, “Help” is written in braille on the button.

You need not to worry about losing the device, since you can always text “Ring” to your special number and the device will “beep” for four minutes until found.  The device is also water-resistant, which allows you or your loved one to wear it in the shower.  The pendant is comfortable because it only weighs 1.5 ounces.  Extended battery life allows you to wear it longer than many competitor brands before re-charging.  It can last up to 72 hours without being placed back on its cradle.

4.) Immediate Help

Another benefit of Life Guardian Mobile’s medical pendant necklace is that you have 24-hour tech support on top of 24-hour medical monitoring.  We are available 24-hours a day for any pressing technical matters.  If the pendant stops working or does not perform as intended, we can often troubleshoot and solve the issue remotely.  We know how important it is to have your device working at all times, so our 24-hour tech support remains one of our clients’ most valuabled attributes of Life Guardian’s mobile medical pendant.

With the Life Guardian Mobile medical pendant, no matter where they go or what they do, help is just one button-push away.  Immediate two-way voice communication can help clients feel safe knowing that they are speaking with trained responders who can properly assess the situation.

With our vast network of monitoring stations, we can stay operational in all kinds of situations, from floods to hurricanes to fires.  We use industrial-grade generators at our facilities to ensure your loved ones can always connect with someone when they need help, irrespective of electrical or weather-related conditions.

5.) Affordable Plans

Life Guardian Mobile offers two plans to choose from. The Essentials Plan starts at just $29.99 USD per month and provides constant 24-hour monitoring.  If you pay the first year upfront, the one-time activation fee is waived.  For those on a limited budget, we also offer affordable month-to-month packages.

The Premium Plan allows you to add on multiple home devices for additional safety.  It comes with our All-in-One touchscreen panel that works as a hub for these additional gadgets.  You choose the add-ons that are most valuable for your situation, such as our smart smoke & heat detectors, security cameras, door or medicine cabinet sensors, and even a door lock with a pin code for your front door, to allow EMS to enter without issue.

Order a Medical Pendant Necklace

If you do not need all the extra gadgets, you can get the 24-hour protection you want for you or your loved one with our Essentials Plan.  To learn more about our medical pendant necklace to choose the right plan for you, contact Life Guardian Mobile NOW. We have been working in our field for over two decades to keep people just like you or your loved one safe at home while preserving their independence.

If you or a loved one have worried about falling and getting hurt or being alone when illness strikes, you may benefit from a medical pendant from Life Guardian Mobile. These devices can provide peace of mind for you and your family members. Here are several reasons why you should consider the pendant.

1. Advanced Fall Detection Technology

The medical pendant from Life Guardian Mobile can detect falls and automatically send an alert. If you or your loved one is too far away from a phone or can’t reach a chair or other item to help you up, you will have assistance quickly. Instead of lying for hours, hoping someone will find you, emergency medical personnel will be notified right away.

You can even wear the pendant in the shower, which is where many falls occur. The device works when you are walking or away from home, in other situations where you are more vulnerable to falling.

2. Independent Wireless Network

These medical pendants operate on an independent wireless network so they are always able to make contact with support. They are operational even in natural disasters. If your loved one is in trouble and can’t get out because of a hurricane or flooding, the system will still connect.

The stations are connected to industrial-grade generators to make sure they are in operation even with electricity issues. You can feel confident that someone will always respond when your loved one is in distress.

3. Two-way Voice Communication

You can have an immediate conversation with support even if you can’t reach the phone when you wear the medical alert necklace from Life Guardian Mobile. An SOS button contacts professional assistance who you can talk to about your situation.

With this button, you can get help no matter where you are. You can let the professionals on the other end of the conversation know your situation, so they can provide the appropriate response.

4. 24/7 Emergency Support

Life Guardian Mobile is here for you or your loved one any time of the day or night. We provide 24-hour emergency support seven days a week. Whether you push the button or the device detects a fall automatically, we check in on you to confirm you need help.

If you can’t respond or you let us know you need help, we send emergency services out immediately. We also notify your emergency contacts to let them know what’s going on.

5. You’re Never Alone

When you or your family member wears one of these pendants, they are never alone. This device includes GPS tracking to notify emergency responders of your location.

If you are out grocery shopping or going to an appointment and need help, the pendant provides information on where to send emergency assistance. It’s also beneficial for anyone who gets confused or suffers from dementia. If they are unable to remember where they are, the device will provide the location.

6. Continued Technical Support

Sometimes you may need technical support rather than emergency care. If your device stops working or you’re having issues with it, you can call us and we’ll help you figure out the problem.

We’ll help you set up your pendant to make sure it works when you need it. If you decide you want to have some add-on devices at home, we’ll help you get them set up and connected as well. If at any time, these devices don’t work the way they should, you can contact us for technical assistance.

7. Less Worry for the Family

When you realize how well your loved one is protected, you can rest a little easier. No matter how much you love your senior family member, you can’t be with them every minute of the day. A medical pendant can be there with support even when they are alone.

The pendant allows the person to maintain their independence and prevents them from feeling like a burden to their family. It can give them more confidence to live their lives and get out, knowing they can get help at a moment’s notice. If you are the emergency contact and you are planning a vacation, you can set up someone else as the contact while you’re gone. The medical pendant from Life Guardian Mobile allows everyone the freedom to live their lives without constant worry.

8. Affordable Pricing

One of the best reasons to choose a medical alert necklace from Life Guardian Mobile for your loved one is because it’s affordable. There are no contracts or long-term commitments, and you get to choose the plan. With the Essentials Plan, pricing starts at less than $30 per month. You can add other home devices with the Premium Plan for just under $42 per month.

You can save even more money if you choose an annual plan with payment upfront. With the Premium Plan, you select which add-ons you want. Include a smoke and CO detector, door lock, security camera, video doorbell, and other products. Add as many as you want to feel secure about your loved one’s safety.

9. Enjoy Life More With a Medical Pendant

Many seniors dread the thought of moving from their home into an assisted living facility or even with one of their kids. They relish their independence and the memories they have made in their home. The medical pendant from Life Guardian Mobile allows them to continue living on their own longer while still helping them to be safe.

Since the device is mobile and keeps track of the person on the go, your loved one won’t be stuck at home. They can get out and spend time with friends, go to Bingo, attend doctor appointments, or even enjoy a walk in the park. You won’t worry about where they are or what they are doing because you know they are safe.

If you would like to learn more about the medical pendant or try it out for your loved one, contact Life Guardian Mobile. Let us work with you to keep your loved ones safe and happy in their own home.

At Life Guardian Mobile, we have a reliable medical alert necklace that keeps you and your loved ones safe. We serve many seniors in the U.S. and Canada, with flexible service plans to give you maximum protection.  Our strong vendor agreements in both countries allow us to meet your needs to keep you secure wherever you go.

We strive to provide instant technical support 24/7, as we work to put your priorities first.  Regardless of age, you can benefit from our durable medic alert devices.

Below we share a few ways your medic alert necklace is enhanced to better fulfill your needs:

Our Medic Alert Necklaces Are Waterproof

Most accidents occur in the bathroom or shower.  A recent study shows that those 65 or older have 79% of their injuries in the bathroom.  234,000 adults (including youth) slip in the bathroom each year.

At Life Guardian, our medic alert necklaces are waterproof.  Even if you get your button wet, the signal still delivers.  You can press the button to alert our team should an accident occur.  These features give you the freedom to wear your necklace in both the bath and shower.

Be sure, however, to not dip your alert necklace in more than 3.3 feet of water or submerge it longer than 30 minutes.  These precautions will help your medic alert necklace last longer and continue to work when you most need it.

Our Medic Alert Necklaces Have A Longer Battery Life

With our medic alert necklace, you need not to worry about a short battery life.

Our necklaces last up to 72-hours without charging.  We recommend you recharge it nightly, however, just in case of emergencies.  If the necklace battery is under 10%, your unit will alert you and family of the issue.

Our Medic Alert Necklaces Have a Reliable Network

Our medic alert necklace comes with reliability and a secure network to prevent disruptions.  The necklaces operate on the 4G wireless network with coverage across North America.

We design our networks to stay online irrespective of weather events or natural disasters.  Below is a list of events that our networks can withstand to keep your necklace connected and functional:

Our stations are multi-locational and fully redundant to keep single points of failure from disrupting connectivity between you and our central station.  Our central stations poessess surge suppression platforms, industrial-grade generators, and proper power management tools to ensure connectivity at all times.  Our facilities ensure no disturbance in service or problems with your connection.  We have 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

Our Medic Alert Necklaces Are More Durable

At Life Guardian, we have the most durable medic alert pendants in the field.  Our medic alert necklaces have a robust construction that can withstand sudden events.

A common concern with these systems is that they may shatter.  With our medical alert necklaces, you need not worry about them breaking.  They are shatter-resistant, and made with quality material to last for years to come.

The sturdy elements within each unit along with our ultra-secure 4G network assure that you can wear our devices without concern of sudden service loss or the unit breaking.

Our Medic Alert Devices Have Fall Detection Features

Our fall detection systems use a variety of techinal protocols including axis accelerometers.  These are low-powered radio waves that keep track of someone’s movements.  The fall alert feature can detect instant falls by tracking sharp body movement changes.  

Below are three main elements that our fall alert systems track given a particular user:

If our data concludes that your movements fall within our “distress zone,” the device will instantly trigger an alert to our team.  With our fall alert system, you will be able to stay safe no matter where you go.  Your loved ones will feel relieved knowing you are looked after, even in their absence.

Choose a Medical Alert Service That Will Keep You Safe 

If you or one of your loved ones could benefit from a medical alert necklace, we are here to help.  Our devices will improve the lives of our users and meet their unique needs.  Seniors are always at risk of deadly falls and accidents.  Do not wait to get your loved ones the help they need.

Contact us today, and take the first step in keeping your loved ones safe and secure.  With Life Guardian Mobile, you will get best-in-class emergency alert services.  We are here to help.

As family members age, it can be difficult not to restrict their independence. Setting up a medical pendant necklace gives your loved ones the freedom they want while easing your concerns. Medical necklaces alert you and emergency medical services if your loved one falls unexpectedly, gets lost, or experiences a life-threatening emergency. You don’t have to worry about the appropriate reactions to a medical pendant alert. Here are some tips to follow when you get an alert for your loved one:

Types of Medical Pendant Necklace Alarms

You need to know which types of alarms are available to know what to do in the event a medical necklace gives off an alarm. Life Guardian Mobile has different medical alerts to give you and your loved one a variety of options.

The most common medical alert is for fall detection. A fall detection alarm will go off if the device detects a suspected fall. A live operator wirelessly connects to the device to speak with your loved one if the alarm is triggered. 

Your loved one’s medical alert necklace can send an alert if they push the SOS button. The SOS button is a button on the wearable medical alert device that will connect your loved one to a live operator. 

You can opt into receiving a GPS-enabled wandering alert. The wandering alert will go off if your loved one goes outside a predetermined boundary. Set up and adjust the boundary as needed. 

Life Guardian Mobile has add-ons for purchase to protect your loved one from smoke, fire, CO, flood, and more. 

What to Do During a Fall Detection Alarm

A fall detection alarm will send an alert if your loved one has either sustained a fall or accidentally pressed the button. False alarms are rare. It happens if the medical pendant is accidentally dropped and bounces when it lands on the floor.

After a fall has been detected, the medical alert device will send a signal to our communication center. A live agent will activate a direct connection. The agent can speak with your loved one through the alert device. 

If your loved one has fallen and the fall detection alarm has sent a signal to our communication center, they will need to remain calm. They should try to remain still unless instructed to move. They need to follow the instructions of the customer care operator.

Your loved one will not have to push any buttons or take any special actions to speak with the operator. The operator’s voice will come through the device loud and clear.

Our operator will ask your loved one questions to assess their situation. We will contact the emergency contact person and alert emergency medical services based on their answers. If our operator cannot reach your loved one or your loved one is unable to speak, we will dispatch emergency services. 

What to Do During SOS Button Activation

If your loved one is in distress, they can push and hold the SOS button on their medical alert pendant. After two seconds they can release the button. Like with the fall detection alarm feature, a live agent will connect to the device. 

The operator will follow the same pattern of asking questions to determine the severity of the fall. We will contact the emergency contact and emergency services when needed. Your loved one should try to stay calm and avoid danger while they wait for help.

We will dispatch emergency personnel based on the level of contact we receive from your loved one. Our number one priority is the care and safety of your loved one. 

What to Do if the Wandering Alert Goes Off

One of the features of your loved one’s Life Guardian Mobile medical alert device is GPS monitoring. If your loved one is prone to wandering, you can set up an alert to notify you if they go outside of the preset zone. 

The medical alert device offers an “emergency text location” feature. The feature allows you to find your loved one’s specific location if you are worried about them. All you have to do is text “TRACK” to a specific number. You will receive a live map with your loved one’s location. 

You can have this feature turned off if your loved one does not need this type of monitoring. 

Can I Add to a Medical Alert System?

The medical alert pendant has many useful features. You might want additional monitoring for your loved one’s home. Life Guardian Mobile has various add-ons for you to choose from. Our add-ons will help you feel comfortable that your loved one is safe in their home. 

Our most popular add-ons are the Smart smoke/heat & CO detector and the Smart wireless flood detector. These add-ons are professionally monitored. They can detect smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, and flooding in the home. We will make sure your loved one is safe at home if you are unable to reach them. 

Life Guardian Mobile offers security cameras, a video doorbell, and a door lock with a pin code. The door lock with a pin code can be helpful in the event of an emergency. Emergency services will be able to use the pin code to enter the home without causing any damage to the door or door frame. Intruders will not be able to unlock the door without entering the pin code.

Choose a Life Guardian Mobile Medical Pendant Necklace

If you’re concerned for your loved one’s safety when you’re not around, get them a Life Guardian Mobile medical pendant necklace. Our alert systems can be worn as a necklace, around the wrist like a watch, or clipped onto a belt.

The medical alert necklace will send an alert if your loved one falls, pushes the SOS emergency button, or wanders outside their designated safety zone. You will feel at ease when your loved one has a Life Guardian Mobile medical alert device. Take comfort in knowing your loved one is safe and will receive help quickly in the event of an emergency. 

As your parent or grandparent gets older, you may worry about them being alone in their home. They want to continue living at home for as long as they can, so you will need to find a solution.  A medical pendant from Life Guardian Mobile may be the answer to help keep your loved one safe and independent.

A Medical Pendant Preserves Independence

A medical system with an SOS pendant can help your loved one continue to live on their own without interference.  This can be beneficial  even if your family member is resisting the idea of a medical alert system.

The senior may not realize that they need the additional support of a medical alert system, even when you do.  A medical alert system can let them continue to enjoy their independence while offering assistance with just a push of a button.  The pendants are small and will not interfere with their daily lives.  They are also quite easy to use. 

A Medical Alert System That Provides Convenience

Whether you live across the street, across town, or across the country, you will worry about your loved one when you are not with them.  What if they fall or get sick?  You will feel guilty for doing other activities instead of being with your loved one.  This is human nature.  But when you have a medical alert system in place, it allows you to relax and know that help is nearby if something happens.  You will not have to be with them 24/7, but they will be taken care of in case of emergency.

A Medical Pendant That Can Detect Falls Immediately

With the Life Guardian Mobile system, your loved ones can get help immediately if they experience a fall.  This system detects falls automatically then sends an alert.  This feature is beneficial whether your loved one is moving from one room to another, taking a shower, or walking down the street .

The system also includes GPS tracking to notify emergency personnel of the location of the fall.  Help can be dispatched accurately even if your loved one is unconscious or unable to get to a phone.  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will respond right away.

A Medical Alert System That Provides Instant Communication

Many medical alert systems, such as Life Guardian Mobile’s devices, summon our central station personnel immediately in the event of emergency.  The two-way voice communication helps determine the extent of the person’s injuries in the event of a breach.

With the two-way voice function, we can determine what is happening in real time.  Is the person bleeding?  Are they having trouble getting off the floor?  Can they move their arms and legs?  Is their vision impaired?  If your loved one is able to answer these and other questions, it can help our central station personnel assess the situation and send additional information to EMS, so they are better equipped once they arrive on site. 

A Medical Pendant That Goes Everywhere

Your loved one can take their medical pendant with them everywhere.  They can wear it around their neck, waist, or wrist.  They can go in the yard and even drive about to the store, because the medical alert device tracks them via GPS and WiFi pinpointing.

If your loved one should fall or have a medical emergency when out, they can summon help right away.  With GPS tracking, you can locate your family member right away, and with the WiFi pinpointing, even inside buildings including floor number.  The pendant can send their location coordinates to you and emergency personnel immediately.

Your Medical Alert Device Is Customizable

This system is designed to work the way you require it.  You can easily change who gets notifications in the event of breach.  If you are going out and want a different family member to receive notifications, you can easily change the alerts.

You decide who gets the emergency text with the GPS location if an issue arises.  The system will also notify the designated person(s) if your loved one leaves what has been determined to be a safe zone.  This is called “Geofencing.”

A Medical Alert System That Is Affordable

Life Guardian Mobile gives you options to ensure that the medical alert system is affordable for every budget.  We do not want anyone to miss out on this device because of a limited budget.

With our most popular option, the “Essentials Plan,” you get our hallmark medical alert pendant.  This plan verifies that your loved one can access help from anywhere.  If you want additional protection, our “Premium Plan” includes home add-ons for even more protection.  At a slightly higher monthly rate, you get more comprehensive security with an additional touchscreen “hub” for your residence.  You can choose as many add-ons as you desire, such as video doorbell, door lock, and/or monitored smoke detector.

Save money with an annual membership or pay monthly if your budget does not allow for annual payment.  We have many payment options available.  The Life Guardian Mobile system is designed to work for all financial situations. 

Healthcare professionals across the nation recommend wearing a medical alert necklace for their patients who are living with certain medical conditions. Having quick access to emergency medical help offers peace of mind to the individual wearing the necklace and their family members. Medical alert devices are often viewed as something only the elderly need. However, many people can benefit from wearing a medical alert necklace.

How do Medical Alert Necklaces Work?

Emergency responders are trained to check for a medical identification device when they respond to a call. Knowing vital information about a person’s condition can save time and avoid dangerous drug interactions. It can also help prevent misdiagnosis. However, to receive life-saving emergency services, responders must first be contacted. Wearing a medical alert device means that help is never farther away than the push of a button.

When alerted, trained personnel will contact the right emergency services for your needs. They will stay on the line with you until help arrives. Unlike cell phones, medical alert stations are protected from power surges with industrial-grade generators. They won’t be disrupted by storms, floods, fires, or even hurricanes.

If you have any type of medical emergency, all you have to do is push the button on your medical alert necklace. Assistance will come to you wherever you are. If you are unable to speak, the medical alert personnel will know your location and where to send help.

Who Should Wear a Medical Alert Necklace?

Medical alert necklaces are recommended for many different people, including people who:

In all of these cases, a medical necklace ensures you can get the help you need when you need it.

People with Heart Conditions

Taking any type of blood thinners or medication for high blood pressure can increase your risk of dizziness or falling. Having a pacemaker is another consideration.  If you’ve already survived one heart attack, you know that fast intervention can make all the difference in your chances of surviving another.

People with Seizure Disorders

If you are at high risk for having seizures due to epilepsy or other disorders, you may have only seconds to contact emergency services when the first warning sign of a seizure hits. If you have a seizure in a public place, it can be helpful for strangers to see that you are wearing an alert necklace and need help.

People with Allergies, Including Food Allergies

Living with severe allergies is like living with a time bomb. You don’t know when a simple bee sting or errant peanut can set off a life-threatening reaction. Depending on your individual response, you may not be able to speak or think quickly enough to make an emergency call or locate your epinephrine pen. It takes only a fraction of a second to push the button on a medical necklace.

People with Cognitive or Neurological Disorders

If you have experienced a traumatic brain injury or have been diagnosed with any type of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, remaining independent can be a challenge. With a medical alert necklace, you never have to worry that a momentary lapse in memory will result in an emergency.

Loved ones and care providers of people with dementia or developmental disabilities can have peace of mind knowing that if something happens, the alert device can help locate the person wherever they are. Even if they are unable to remember how to use the necklace, a passerby may recognize the device and understand what it is for.

People with Diabetes

Having a blood sugar crisis is serious. Unfortunately, the symptoms of low blood sugar can also look like inebriation. Slowed, slurred speech and loss of balance might make others avoid you instead of offering help. With a medical alert necklace, you can feel confident that you can get help under any circumstance.

People with Balance Issues

If you are prone to vertigo, inner-ear problems, or take certain medications you are at high risk for falling. Some physical conditions may also make you more vulnerable to suffering a fall. If you live alone, a fall at home can mean waiting for days for someone to come check on you. No doubt you’ve heard at least one story about someone who was seriously injured in a fall and could not reach their phone.

People who have had Gastric Bypass or Other Weight-Loss Surgeries

In the first few months after weight-loss surgery patients are at risk for serious complications. You may become dizzy due to inadequate nutrition, experience bleeding in the abdominal cavity, or a gastric band could slip. Getting emergency help as soon as possible could save your life.

People with Chronic Conditions

People who live with chronic medical conditions such as COPD, asthma, or rare health conditions need emergency responders to know all of their medical information quickly. Wearing a medical ID bracelet may not be enough to ensure that your critical health information is available. When you wear a medical alert necklace, you know that a third party can relate information on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

Special Considerations

There are many reasons to wear a medical necklace. People who are taking multiple medications may be concerned about dangerous drug interactions. Those who are hearing impaired may not be able to contact emergency services through traditional technology. Regardless of their medical condition, those who live alone will benefit from the security a medical alert system provides. Knowing help is always available may be the extra support needed to remain living independently and enjoying life on your terms.

Do You Need a Medical Alert Necklace?

If you or someone you know could benefit from a medical alert service, don’t hesitate to act. Visit Life Guardian Mobile to learn more about how our medical alert devices work and how they can improve the lives of those who use them. Don’t risk your safety or the safety of someone you love. 

Are you looking for a reliable medical alert necklace in case of emergency?  Life Guardian Mobile has premium-quality alert necklaces and medical pendants with the latest technology and automation, including fall detection.  Medical pendants can save lives by activating automatic two-way communication in the event of a trip or fall. 

Our devices contain GPS trackers with accelerometers and algorithms that monitor movements and provide dispatch in case of emergency.  If the user falls or feels unwell, they can press a button to notify our support center to get immediate help. 

Casual Indoor Wear

Medical alert necklaces and pendants are designed for seniors and those in danger of falling or tripping.  Many active seniors wear casual outfits, as they spend much time indoors.  Alert pendants are compatible and match with most indoor casual wear, including t-shirts, vests, jackets, regular shirts, and coats.  The pendants come in various colors too, so you can easily find one to match your outfits.  Whether you prefer bold or subtle hints, we provide a necklace that matches your taste. 

Our pendants feature safe and comfortable material for everyday use for all activities.  Thanks to their waterproof enclosure, you can wear them in the shower.  The necklaces are lightweight with a smooth finish that will not scratch or damage your fabrics either.  And some designs even resemble conventional fashion necklaces that blend great with jewelry.  Anyone can comfortably wear a medical alert necklace regardless of their casual wear.

Outdoor Workout Wear

Seniors and other medical pendant users are advised to spend some time outdoors to work their muscles and body.  Whether you prefer walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming, our necklaces will blend with any outdoor situation, and not interfere with your exercising.  You can wear medical alert pendants with any workout outfit, including vests, base clothing, or layers.  The necklaces are compatible with all fabric types too, including polyester, nylon, wool, and other materials featured in workout apparel stores.

Life Guardian Mobile alert necklaces feature a smooth and neat finish that is easy to clean and does not attract dust. The finish will not stick to your fabrics either, so you can forget about creasing or wrinkles.  A light wipe with an antibacterial towel is enough to keep your pendant germ free and sparkling clean.  You may wear the pendant with your favorite workout outfit without issue too.  The necklace is small enough to fit inside the outfit to prevent swinging while you jog or cycle.

Office and Meeting Wear

Need to dress up for an appointment, study group, or some other official meeting?  Our medical alert pendants and necklaces are compatible with official wear for men and women.  You may wear the necklace with any official apparel, including business formal, business professional, business casual, and contemporary casual.  The pendant also blends with loose-fitting button-down shirts and blouses, collared shirts, suits, and dress pants.

Our pendants can tuck behind your attire while remaining comfortable and functional.  They work well with ties and resemble traditional necklaces. The main button features basic grey and white that works and matches with all colors, and our alert necklaces nestle perfectly around other neck jewelry too.

Designer & Fashion Outfits

Users who prefer designer outfits and fashionable wear don’t have to sacrifice their sophisticated taste to accommodate alert necklaces.  Life Guardian Mobile medical alert pendants are compatible with any apparel, including expensive designer looks.  You can wear our necklaces with top brands like Dior, Chanel, Burberry, Gucci, and more.  The necklaces blend in perfectly and will not draw attention away from your outfit.

Our pendants are built for all settings, be it for home, work, or social hubs.  Whether you are shopping, visiting an art gallery, or meeting for dinner, the necklace blends in.  Our pendants are easy to wear and remove, so you can choose to have them on or off with ease.  We recommend keeping them close wherever you go to offer round-the-clock support in case of incident.  

Quality Medical Alert Necklaces for Everyone

A medical alert necklace can help monitor and provide care to seniors and family members who need emergency alert systems.  The devices are simple and lightweight, allowing users to wear them comfortably.  Families looking to purchase a pendant for their loved ones should consider their taste when finding our most suitable designs.  Make sure the necklace or bracelet has all features enabled to offer adequate protection around the clock.

At Life Guardian Mobile, we support your independence by providing affordable and reliable quality medical alert systems.  Our support center serves users in Canada and the United States.  Customers will receive premium support and fast response in all emergencies.  The necklaces are compatible with any outfit and are easy to keep intact given any setting.  You will be connected with emergency services as soon as you press the button.  It is that simple.  Contact us today to get started.

Wearing a medical alert pendant will keep you or your loved one safe and independent.  At Life Guardian Mobile, we have developed a truly reliable medical alert pendant with flexible pricing plans to give you the protection you deserve.  We serve 10s of 1000s of seniors in North America with our flexible service plans.  We also have strong vendor agreements in place in America and Canada, including Bayshore Healthcare north of the border and many independant hosptials south of the border. 

Essentials Plan

With our Essentials Plan, you will get a Life Guardian medical alert necklace with 24/7 access to emergency and technical support.  Our Life Guardian pendant is equipped with advanced fall detection technology, which comes with built-in GPS technology.  Our devices also alert caretakers if your loved one wanders.  This feature is a no-charge add-on, with the option of turning it off if you wish. 

The hallmark feature of our devices, however, is that they offer immediate two-way voice crystal clear communication.  You need only to press the button for two seconds and it automatically connects you to one of our operators.  If the pendant detects a fall, an operator also comes live over the device.  They will confirm your emergency and send help immediately if required. 

No matter the time, day or night, you will have access to emergency and technical support through this advanced elderly alert system.  Our central stations are protected from power outages and also severe weather, to ensure no down-time ever with our service, so that you can get the help you need without issue. 

Essentials Plan Pricing

At Life Guardian Mobile, we offer contract and contract-free pricing options. Our contract-free plans are more popular, but you can also save money by committing to a contract.  You do not have to expend large outlays of cash upfront either, as we do not force you to buy the unit.  We lease you the pendant for however long you require it.

The Essentials Plan starts at $29.99 USD per month with a two-year contract.  Our one-year plan is $37.99 USD per month.  Contract-free pricing is $41.99 USD per month.  All of our plans have only a one-time $39.99 setup fee.  We also promise to beat any competitor, and will also give you a month free if you pay year one in full upfront.  This offer extends even to our contract-free clients!   

Premium Plan

Our Premium Plan offers all the great features of our Essentials Plan, but with additional options for upgrades.  You will still receive the medical necklace with access to our network, but will also get our all-in-one home base too.  With the home base add-on, you can choose additional life safety upgrades to keep your home even more secure. 

The All-in-One Home Base

The touchscreen home base unit is installed in your home with a table-top mount, just like any next-generation security system.  It also allows you to control all of your security add-ons from one spot, including doorlocks, IP cameras, flood sensors, or medicine cabinet door contacts.  The seven-inch touchscreen home base is also bright and easy to read.   

The Add-Ons

The add-ons are what make the Premium Plan stand out from the Essentials Plan.  These home security upgrades keep you feeling safe and secure at all times.  Your device upgrades all connect to your all-in-one home base that you can control from your fingertips.  Each add-on only requires a one-time payment, and then it is yours to use indefinitely. 

We offersmoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which alert you in case of fire or gas.  We also offer flood detectors to place in your bathroom, laundry room, or in your sump pump, which can prevent expensive home repair bills. 

If you equip your home with smart doorlocks, you will provide easy access for emergency responders in the event of need.  This convenience also extends to visiting caregivers.  You can increase the security of your doors and windows by getting sensors that detect openings that provide alerts to your all-in-one home base, and also your loved ones.  This feature is particularly useful for cabinets where medications are stored, so you can monitor usage. 

To keep the perimeter of your home secure, consider installing a video doorbell.  You can see who is outside without the burden of going to the door.  Even better, if it is an unwelcomed visitor, you can tell them to leave right from your living room, with our two-way voice enabled video doorbell. 

The final item in our Premium Plan line-up is our security camera.  With it, you can monitor your front or back door, keep an eye on your backyard, or make sure no one is hanging around your detached garage.  No home security system, or life safety platform is complete without a high-quality security camera. 

Premium Plan Pricing

Our Premium Plan pricing works just like our Essentials Plan pricing.  We offer two contract-based plans and a contract-free option.  Because of the add-ons, this plan costs more per month.  You will need to decide if an integrated security add-on platform is worth the additional costs. 

Our two-year contract plan starts at $41.99 USD per month. Our one-year contract plan is priced at $49.99 USD per month.  The contract-free pricing is $53.99 USD per month.  All of our plans have a $39.99 USD one-time activation fee.  All the additonal add-ons are available for a one-time fee.  You can find out more by comparing our plans

Sign Up For a Medical Alert Pendant With Life Guardian Mobile

At Life Guardian Mobile, our mission is to make you feel secure at home or on the move, with our medic alert pendants.  Connect with us today to learn more about our plans and what we can offer.  Start protecting yourself or a loved one today.

A medical pendant is a life saving device capable of connecting one with emergency medical dispatch with the press of a button.  Some designs feature sophisticated fall detection and instant two-way voice communication. Most rely on GPS technology to pinpoint your location for emergency medical assistance.

Here’s an overview of how the device works, including setup, use, and benefits, so you can find the best unit to fit for your needs.

What is a Medical Pendant?

A medical alert pendant is precisely what the name suggests: a pendant you can wear in and out of the house. It features a button you can press to notify emergency medical dispatch instantly.  They also integrate various technologies to keep users safe and to procure instant medical assistance during emergencies.

They can also be defined as “medical alert systems” or “senior alert systems” and are vital to ensuring the well-being of vulnerable loved ones and seniors.

How the Pendants Work

Medical pendants also known as emergency necklaces, integrate various technologies, including GPS and nationwide wireless voice and data.  They feature a button that allows location tracking and real-time monitoring. Vulnerable individuals can wear the pendant and have the option to press the help button. 

One press is enough to send an alarm to a 24-hour emergency call center with an operator ready to help.  The operator can instantly access the pendant owner’s address, emergency contacts, and other information to rally help across all fronts.

Emergency dispatch is also sent if necessary.  If the wearer can speak, they’ll have instant two-way voice communication with the operator to discuss the situation.  The devices are waterproof, wearable, and comfortable at all times.

The devices use GPS technology to pinpoint the location of the owner.  Some can detect falls and automatically initiate communication or send an alert to the help center. Here are the steps summarizing how medical pendants work:

•    A user buys the pendant from Life Guardian by GlobalTek

•    The user presses the SOS button on the pendant, or a fall is automatically detected

•    The device sends user information and current location to the emergency operator

•    Two-way communication is initiated to assess the situation 

•    The medical response operator calls emergency contacts, family, neighbors, and closest emergency services based on your needs.

Setup and Usage

The pendants are easy to set up and use. You can choose a pendant with lanyard, bracelet, or clip-on design. All three options are effortless to set up, and everything is done when you subscribe to the alert system. Our emergency medical response centers collect information about the user, including name, medical records, address, contact information, and more. 

User information is linked to the pendant to identify the owner during an emergency. The user can wear their pendant anywhere, anytime, and access the SOS button and all the device’s other features.  When the SOS button is pressed or if a fall detection is triggered, a notification is instantly sent to our central station to summon help. 


Pendants have various alert system components with unique features specific to certain product lines.  It’s crucial to review the features and options to find the best fit for your needs.  Below are some of our popular features:

a)    GPS Tracking

The global positioning system (GPS) uses 30 well-positioned satellites to work out your accurate location.  All medical pendants feature GPS tracking, which locates the signal’s location in case of an emergency.

b)    Fall Detection

The best medical pendants and wearable alert systems feature fall detection sensors. Fall detectors use accelerometers, gyroscopes, and sophisticated algorithms to detect a slip or fall. They then notify our response center.

c)    Caregiver Tools

Medical pendants are connected to caregivers to allow remote monitoring through online portals. Caregivers can keep tabs on device activities and alerts via smart phones and computers. Other features include low battery notifications and off-location strays (i.e., geofencing) to help manage use.

d)    Environment Monitoring 

Advanced medical pendants and alert systems can detect life threatening conditions like CO2 leaks.  The systems instantly notify the emergency response center when a hazardous condition is detected.


Medical pendants and other medic alert systems can facilitate emergency response teams to act rapidly and precisely when needed. These pendants allow seniors and vulnerable family members to receive 24/7 assistance for medical emergencies.  Here are four benefits of medical pendants:

•    Immediate Assistance: Wearable medical pendants offer instant assistance when in need.  Users can take them wherever they go, whether indoors or outdoors, while having access to a help button and emergency communication with experienced caring operators.

•    24/7 Monitoring: Caregivers can monitor the environmental conditions and overall device usage to ensure the efficiency of the alert system.  Emergency operators can also contact the closest person or response center to secure immediate help in case of an incident.

•    Ease of Use: Medical alert pendants are easy to use.  All you need do is wear the pendant everywhere you go and press the help button for instant assistance.  Some of our systems also send automatic notifications in case of falls or other hazards.

•    Peace of Mind: Pendants can eliminate the need to stay in an assisted-living facility.  The pendant offers round-the-clock access to medical assistance, and family members will be contacted promptly. You can stop worrying about falling when no one is around.

Choosing a Medical Pendant 

You’ll encounter various medical pendants with unique features, maintenance requirements, and monitoring costs.  There are many things to compare, including components, optional devices, local signal strength, operator average response time, contract length, and industry partnerships. 

It’s important to explore all options thoroughly before deciding.  Be sure the company you choose isn’t new, small, or devoid of any industry partnerships or endorsements.  You must ensure the company you choose is nationally recognized outside of themselves.  Life Guardian, for example, is the exclusive vendor of record for Bayshore Healthcare nationwide, Canada’s largest senior home healthcare provider boasting over 350,000 clients nationwide. 

Below are some additional tips to help you choose a dependable medical alert pendant:

•    Find a reputable medical alert company with transparent policies, risk-free trials, return policies, and instant response.

•    Learn about existing medical alert devices and optional features like fall detection and medication reminders.

•    Consider personal preferences and comforts, so you can easily blend/integrate the pendant into your lifestyle.

•    Choose a subscription type that suits your needs and budget. Some companies offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions with the option to cancel at anytime.

Finding Medical Pendants That Work

A medical pendant is valuable technology for the safety of a vulnerable family member. You need a trustworthy medical response company and reliable pendant to leverage the full benefits of such devices. At Life Guardian Mobile, we support your independence with affordable and reliable medical alert systems in Canada and the USA. You can get started with 24/7 monitoring and response for as low as $29.99 per month.

Aging may be inevitable, but moving to an assisted living community is anything but. It only takes a few modifications to your home to easily extend your ability to live independently and safely.

Aging in place is all about reducing the risk of falls and having safety procedures in place if any assistance is required. Falls are, after all, a central reason seniors lose their mobility, and by extension, their independence.

As we age, simple obstacles we never thought of can suddenly become a significant hazard. So, if you’re choosing to age in place and maintain a safe level of independent living, there’s no better time to start modifying the things around your house.

Start with Simple Modifications That You Can Do on Your Own

Many important home modifications are things you can do affordably on your own, or with the help from family, friends, or neighbors; and you can start these safety modifications right away.

Add more lights – There are many places in the home that could be deemed risky simply because there is low lighting – like the stairway. Make sure you have bright overhead lighting and even consider nightlights to keep those darker corners well lit.

Embrace an open design philosophy – The more space you give yourself, the safer you will be. If the only thing that sits on a piece of furniture in a room are some old books, it’s time for it to go. Open your rooms to give yourself more space to navigate.

Clear the paths – Clear the pathways between rooms to keep them clutter-free. Electrical cords are serious offenders!  Keep your electrical appliances as close to their outlets as possible to avoid tripping.

Organize the kitchen – Rearrange your kitchen to keep things of regular use within reach. Don’t store items that require a chair or stepladder.  Even consider removing things from their lowest drawers so you don’t have to strain to bend.

Clean the closet – Keep your closets clutter free. This is especially important for walk-in closets. Make sure there’s nothing on the floor between you and your clothes.

Remove rugs – Standard rugs and area rugs should go. They are too high a tripping hazard. But don’t shy away from using rubber anti-fatigue mats in the kitchen, since their weight help hold them in place. Non-slip bathmats for the restroom are also okay.

Modifications that Require Professionals

Some modifications, however, do require a professional. You may need to hire contractors or subscribe to third-party services to better support your independence. While this will take more effort and time to complete, it will be worth the investment in the end.

Get better lighting – Change out those small lights in the house – they’re usually the aesthetically pleasing ones but leave shadows in the corners, which also don’t extent into hallways very well. Have an electrician change fixtures that don’t provide enough light (especially over stairways) to make sure you see all potential tripping hazards.

Increase accessibility – Work with a contractor to widen doorways, add ramps, install grab bars, and lower countertops. There may come a time when you need to start using a wheelchair or other motorized devices to get around, and these modifications will make it possible to do so.

Update your floors – Change to flooring that provides better friction to avoid slips. Tile or waxed hardwood or other slick flooring can be a real threat. Replace this kind of flooring with something that offers more traction.

Change the bathroom features – Install a shower that has a small clearance for ease of entry with a non-slip shower mat. You don’t want to step up over the sides of a bathtub. 

Add smarter features – While you can install some simple “smart” features throughout your house, some of the more involved installations may require a Life Guardian trained technician. You can set your home to turn lights on and off remotely, adjust temperatures automatically, and see who is at the door with some simple voice commands or simply looking at your handheld tablet.

Keep everything on one floor – You need to minimize trips up and down the stairs. So, if possible, move to a first-floor bedroom, or convert another main-floor room to a sleeping area. The same goes for laundry—move your washer/drier to the main floor.

Stay connected – You never know when an accident may happen (even with all of these precautions and modifications). A medical alert pendant may be your lifeline to professional personnel who can help. Always keep your pendant with you so you can get help when you need it.

Aging in place is possible for many seniors, but to do it safely it is important to make these modifications throughout your house. Your medical alert pendant can help you if a fall should happen, but you can also take some precautions to avoid those falls in the first place.  Contact Life Guardian to learn more about your options.