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Servicing over 350,000 seniors.

We supply medical pendants and monitoring to Bayshore Healthcare, which services over 350,000 seniors.

“As a travelling senior, I needed a device that would work at both my homes, which happen to be in two different countries. With Life Guardian I can travel between my regular home in B.C., and my second home in California, without issue.”

– Kathy A., Sacramento California

“Just recently, I fell and had to use my button. It was comforting to know that somebody was checking up on me and making sure that I was okay during that time. I was reassured until the paramedics arrived.”

– Wendy D., Hamilton, Ontario

“I wear my Life Guardian device all the time, even in the shower. I’m on a fixed income and this is quite affordable. I was 62 when I got the device and am now 66 and live alone. I feel safe knowing I can press the button and get help when I need it.”

– Lucy N., 62, Burlington, Ontario

Serving Canada and the United States at large

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