Our Medical Alert Pendant

Feel confident at home or on the go

The Life Guardian medical alert necklace is there for you, whether you’re changing a light, attending church, or shopping for groceries. Prices start as low as $29.99/mo.

Get peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Fall Detection Technology
GPS-enabled Wandering AlertSuitable for customers with alzheimer’s who are prone to wandering.

This option can be disabled at no extra cost if there are privacy concerns.
Immediate 2-way Voice Communication Button
Technical Support
Emergency Support

“I feel safe knowing I can press the button and get help when I need it.”

– Lucy N., 62, Burlington, Ontario

A Truly Reliable Medical Alert Pendant

Our worry-free pendant can be worn around your neck, on your wrist, or clipped to your belt. Take it with you everywhere so you know you’re covered in the event of an emergency.

Product shot of pedant. It is 2.5" tall and 1.8" wide. It is waterproof* and has a 72 hour charge.

Comes with magnetic charging base

Comes with lanyard, belt clip, or wrist option.

Feel secure at home or on the move with Life Guardian.

Connect with one of our client care specialists now to discover a reliable way to support your independence.

Easy to use

Simple one-button device

Press the button for 2 seconds and your call is placed

Crystal clear loud audio

No need to hold the pendant to the ear or mouth to listen or speak

Voice indicators for status

Voice prompts tell you about the battery life and if a call is being made

Braille support

‘Help’ in braille is written on the button

High quality


Shatter-resistant with rugged construction


Wear it in the bath or shower, where most accidents occur

Extended Battery Life

Up to 72-hour continuous use without charging


Only weighs 1.5 ounces—comfortable to carry or wear


Best-in-class monitoring and support

24/7/365 ULC-certified monitoring


5G wireless network with North American coverage

Advanced fall detection

Fall detection technology only alerts in case of dangerous falls

For Your Loved Ones

Direct GPS Location

Sends your position directly to us and your loved ones

Wandering notificationIdeal for customers with Alzheimer’s who are prone to wandering. This option can be disabled at no extra cost if there are privacy concerns.

Notifies loved ones if you step out of your pre-programmed “safe zone”

Emergency text locationWorried about where your loved one is in an emergency? Text: “TRACK” to a specified number and immediately receive a live GPS map to your loved one’s current location.

This option can be disabled at no extra cost if there are privacy concerns.

How it works

Three simple steps to receive the support you need.

A fall is detected
You push the button


We check in on you

We activate the device and speak directly to you through it to confirm the emergency.


Emergency services are on their way

If confirmed, or if you cannot speak to confirm it, emergency services are dispatched, and your loved ones notified.


Pay one year upfront to waive the activation fee and get a month free.

Essentials Plan

Medical Alert Pendant

Starting from $29.99/month + $39.99 one-time fee

Premium Plan

Medical Alert Pendant and Home Add-ons

Starting from $41.99/month + $39.99 one-time fee

Live Life Your Way with Life Guardian Medical Alert Pendants.

Connect with our specialists now to find a better way to get your alert necklace.

Frequently asked questions

How does the 2 way communication work?

Simply hold your SOS button for two seconds. A loud, crystal-clear voice will then come live over the device to ensure that you are OK.

How secure and reliable is your network?

Our central stations have multi-location redundancy to ensure that single points of failure cannot interrupt communication between personnel and client.

They are also surge-suppressed, power managed, and possess industrial grade generators to guarantee no interruptions in service or issues with connectivity.

Our networks are designed and implemented to stay operational irrespective of environmental irregularities, including fire, flood, ice storms, major power outages, and hurricanes.

What should I do if an alert is accidentally triggered?

You may double-press the SOS button on your medical alert pendant rapidly. This will immediately cancel the call.

Alternatively, you may wait until your Life Guardian assistant comes live over the device. Simply tell them that you pressed the button accidentlly.

What do my loved ones do if they receive an alert?

If loved ones are unable to reach the pendant user directly to confirm their status, simply call our toll-free number and cite the account number. We will confirm for you in seconds the nature of the alert.

Can I change who gets messaged in the event of emergency?

Absolutely. Simply call in and one of our friendly client care specialists will do it live for you right over the phone.

How does the fall detection work?

Life Guardian’s fall detection systems use “accelerometers,” a type of low-power radio wave technology that can monitor the movements of our clients. We use three different types of axis accelerometers.

The fall alert technology can measure sudden falls by detecting abrupt changes in body movements.  The technology can further evaluate body position, physical activity, and the smoothness of their acceleration of movements. If our device’s algorithms determine that these variables are within the “danger zone,” it will automatically alert a Life Guardian representative.

Is the device compatible with my pacemaker?

If you are medically compromised, please contact your healthcare professional to confirm that our technologies are compatible with your health situation.

Is there a contract?

We offer contract and contract-free options. Our contract-free option is our most popular.

What if I need to cancel mid-contract?

If you sign a contract to enjoy the lower rates for committing, you will unfortunately owe for whatever is remaining on your contract if you or your loved one passes away mid-term.

How long does the battery last? I’m worried the battery will die without me knowing.

Though we recommend charging your device nightly, the battery may last up to 72 hours uncharged. If the battery drops below 10% however, the unit will tell you that the battery is running very low and notify your loved of the same issue.

How quickly does the device arrive after ordering?

Sometimes next business day, but usually within three business days.

Get a Reliable Medical Alert Necklace with Your Plan


Small dark grey oval shaped medical pendant with a light grey large button in the center.

Essentials Plan

Get our worry-free medical alert pendant with 24/7/365 monitoring

Pendant with a touchscreen wall mounted base

Premium Plan

Get more security with additional at-home devices for emergencies