What Medical Pendant Device Plan Is Best for You?

Wearing a medical alert pendant will keep you or your loved one safe and independent.  At Life Guardian Mobile, we have developed a truly reliable medical alert pendant with flexible pricing plans to give you the protection you deserve.  We serve 10s of 1000s of seniors in North America with our flexible service plans.  We also have strong vendor agreements in place in America and Canada, including Bayshore Healthcare north of the border and many independant hosptials south of the border. 

Essentials Plan

With our Essentials Plan, you will get a Life Guardian medical alert necklace with 24/7 access to emergency and technical support.  Our Life Guardian pendant is equipped with advanced fall detection technology, which comes with built-in GPS technology.  Our devices also alert caretakers if your loved one wanders.  This feature is a no-charge add-on, with the option of turning it off if you wish. 

The hallmark feature of our devices, however, is that they offer immediate two-way voice crystal clear communication.  You need only to press the button for two seconds and it automatically connects you to one of our operators.  If the pendant detects a fall, an operator also comes live over the device.  They will confirm your emergency and send help immediately if required. 

No matter the time, day or night, you will have access to emergency and technical support through this advanced elderly alert system.  Our central stations are protected from power outages and also severe weather, to ensure no down-time ever with our service, so that you can get the help you need without issue. 

Essentials Plan Pricing

At Life Guardian Mobile, we offer contract and contract-free pricing options. Our contract-free plans are more popular, but you can also save money by committing to a contract.  You do not have to expend large outlays of cash upfront either, as we do not force you to buy the unit.  We lease you the pendant for however long you require it.

The Essentials Plan starts at $29.99 USD per month with a two-year contract.  Our one-year plan is $37.99 USD per month.  Contract-free pricing is $41.99 USD per month.  All of our plans have only a one-time $39.99 setup fee.  We also promise to beat any competitor, and will also give you a month free if you pay year one in full upfront.  This offer extends even to our contract-free clients!   

Premium Plan

Our Premium Plan offers all the great features of our Essentials Plan, but with additional options for upgrades.  You will still receive the medical necklace with access to our network, but will also get our all-in-one home base too.  With the home base add-on, you can choose additional life safety upgrades to keep your home even more secure. 

The All-in-One Home Base

The touchscreen home base unit is installed in your home with a table-top mount, just like any next-generation security system.  It also allows you to control all of your security add-ons from one spot, including doorlocks, IP cameras, flood sensors, or medicine cabinet door contacts.  The seven-inch touchscreen home base is also bright and easy to read.   

The Add-Ons

The add-ons are what make the Premium Plan stand out from the Essentials Plan.  These home security upgrades keep you feeling safe and secure at all times.  Your device upgrades all connect to your all-in-one home base that you can control from your fingertips.  Each add-on only requires a one-time payment, and then it is yours to use indefinitely. 

We offersmoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which alert you in case of fire or gas.  We also offer flood detectors to place in your bathroom, laundry room, or in your sump pump, which can prevent expensive home repair bills. 

If you equip your home with smart doorlocks, you will provide easy access for emergency responders in the event of need.  This convenience also extends to visiting caregivers.  You can increase the security of your doors and windows by getting sensors that detect openings that provide alerts to your all-in-one home base, and also your loved ones.  This feature is particularly useful for cabinets where medications are stored, so you can monitor usage. 

To keep the perimeter of your home secure, consider installing a video doorbell.  You can see who is outside without the burden of going to the door.  Even better, if it is an unwelcomed visitor, you can tell them to leave right from your living room, with our two-way voice enabled video doorbell. 

The final item in our Premium Plan line-up is our security camera.  With it, you can monitor your front or back door, keep an eye on your backyard, or make sure no one is hanging around your detached garage.  No home security system, or life safety platform is complete without a high-quality security camera. 

Premium Plan Pricing

Our Premium Plan pricing works just like our Essentials Plan pricing.  We offer two contract-based plans and a contract-free option.  Because of the add-ons, this plan costs more per month.  You will need to decide if an integrated security add-on platform is worth the additional costs. 

Our two-year contract plan starts at $41.99 USD per month. Our one-year contract plan is priced at $49.99 USD per month.  The contract-free pricing is $53.99 USD per month.  All of our plans have a $39.99 USD one-time activation fee.  All the additonal add-ons are available for a one-time fee.  You can find out more by comparing our plans

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