The most dependable medical alert and fall detection devices available

Our dedicated team puts your priorities first.

Committed to continuous and immediate support

2.5x industry requirement for support staff

We house 2.5 times the industry requirement for the number of station personnel required for shift duty.

Power outage backups

All our stations are surge-suppressed, power managed, and possess industrial-grade generators to guarantee no interruptions in service.

Support across North America

We operate seven interlinked monitoring stations for maximum redundancy. We have a facility in Quebec, Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, Vancouver, and two in Montreal.

Storm protected

Our networks are designed to stay operational during environmental disruptions, including ice storms, fires, floods, and hurricanes.

24/7/365 emergency and technical support

24-hour emergency support extends to 24-hour technical support, an industry first.


All our facilities are housed in secure locations, without windows, and behind double-vestibules.


In the news

SP&T News, our industry’s national trade publication, recently ran an authoritative article featuring Canada’s three most prominent medical pendant providers, including contributions from Life Guardian.

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Tracing its beginnings back to 2002, Life Guardian’s corporate parent GlobalTek Security Inc. provided medical alert and fall detection devices to protect its clients.

A company with a North American scope but with Canadian roots, GlobalTek continues its unique growth story across Canada and the United States.

Feel secure at home or on the move with Life Guardian.

Connect with one of our client care specialists now to discover a reliable way to support your independence.

Exclusive partner of

We’re trusted by the largest provider of home and community healthcare services

Life Guardian is Bayshore’s exclusive partner for home and mobile medical alert devices and fall detection units. We provide 24/7/365 monitoring and technical support, which is a critical to working with Bayshore. This kind of partnership is a first, and demonstrates industry confidence that sets us apart from competitors.

Servicing over
350,000 seniors

In over
100 locations

13,500 staff members

Recipient of

Canada's Best Managed Companies

“My grandmother called me to help her with the unit, so I called Life Guardian for help. It was late but their technical people picked up and helped right away. That makes me feel great that my grandma is in good hands.”

– Duncan C., Porcupine Ontario

“Bayshore Healthcare who is in my home all the time to help me said to call your company because you are reputable, and that you have the endorsement of Bayshore. That was very important to me that Bayshore felt so strongly about your company. I am very comfortable being with the Life Guardian company.”

– Betty T., Calgary Alberta

“As a travelling senior, I needed a device that would work at both my homes, which happen to be in two different countries. With Life Guardian I can travel between my regular home in B.C., and my second home in California, without issue.”

– Kathy A., Sacramento California

“I wear my Life Guardian device all the time, even in the shower. I’m on a fixed income and this is quite affordable. I was 62 when I got the device and am now 66 and live alone. I feel safe knowing I can press the button and get help when I need it.”

– Lucy N., 62, Burlington, Ontario

“Just recently, I fell and had to use my button. It was comforting to know that somebody was checking up on me and making sure that I was okay during that time. I was reassured until the paramedics arrived.”

– Wendy D., Hamilton, Ontario

Feel secure at home or on the move with Life Guardian.

Connect with one of our client care specialists now to discover a reliable way to support your independence.