Why Your Senior Loved One Needs a Medical Pendant

As your parent or grandparent gets older, you may worry about them being alone in their home. They want to continue living at home for as long as they can, so you will need to find a solution.  A medical pendant from Life Guardian Mobile may be the answer to help keep your loved one safe and independent.

A Medical Pendant Preserves Independence

A medical system with an SOS pendant can help your loved one continue to live on their own without interference.  This can be beneficial  even if your family member is resisting the idea of a medical alert system.

The senior may not realize that they need the additional support of a medical alert system, even when you do.  A medical alert system can let them continue to enjoy their independence while offering assistance with just a push of a button.  The pendants are small and will not interfere with their daily lives.  They are also quite easy to use. 

A Medical Alert System That Provides Convenience

Whether you live across the street, across town, or across the country, you will worry about your loved one when you are not with them.  What if they fall or get sick?  You will feel guilty for doing other activities instead of being with your loved one.  This is human nature.  But when you have a medical alert system in place, it allows you to relax and know that help is nearby if something happens.  You will not have to be with them 24/7, but they will be taken care of in case of emergency.

A Medical Pendant That Can Detect Falls Immediately

With the Life Guardian Mobile system, your loved ones can get help immediately if they experience a fall.  This system detects falls automatically then sends an alert.  This feature is beneficial whether your loved one is moving from one room to another, taking a shower, or walking down the street .

The system also includes GPS tracking to notify emergency personnel of the location of the fall.  Help can be dispatched accurately even if your loved one is unconscious or unable to get to a phone.  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will respond right away.

A Medical Alert System That Provides Instant Communication

Many medical alert systems, such as Life Guardian Mobile’s devices, summon our central station personnel immediately in the event of emergency.  The two-way voice communication helps determine the extent of the person’s injuries in the event of a breach.

With the two-way voice function, we can determine what is happening in real time.  Is the person bleeding?  Are they having trouble getting off the floor?  Can they move their arms and legs?  Is their vision impaired?  If your loved one is able to answer these and other questions, it can help our central station personnel assess the situation and send additional information to EMS, so they are better equipped once they arrive on site. 

A Medical Pendant That Goes Everywhere

Your loved one can take their medical pendant with them everywhere.  They can wear it around their neck, waist, or wrist.  They can go in the yard and even drive about to the store, because the medical alert device tracks them via GPS and WiFi pinpointing.

If your loved one should fall or have a medical emergency when out, they can summon help right away.  With GPS tracking, you can locate your family member right away, and with the WiFi pinpointing, even inside buildings including floor number.  The pendant can send their location coordinates to you and emergency personnel immediately.

Your Medical Alert Device Is Customizable

This system is designed to work the way you require it.  You can easily change who gets notifications in the event of breach.  If you are going out and want a different family member to receive notifications, you can easily change the alerts.

You decide who gets the emergency text with the GPS location if an issue arises.  The system will also notify the designated person(s) if your loved one leaves what has been determined to be a safe zone.  This is called “Geofencing.”

A Medical Alert System That Is Affordable

Life Guardian Mobile gives you options to ensure that the medical alert system is affordable for every budget.  We do not want anyone to miss out on this device because of a limited budget.

With our most popular option, the “Essentials Plan,” you get our hallmark medical alert pendant.  This plan verifies that your loved one can access help from anywhere.  If you want additional protection, our “Premium Plan” includes home add-ons for even more protection.  At a slightly higher monthly rate, you get more comprehensive security with an additional touchscreen “hub” for your residence.  You can choose as many add-ons as you desire, such as video doorbell, door lock, and/or monitored smoke detector.

Save money with an annual membership or pay monthly if your budget does not allow for annual payment.  We have many payment options available.  The Life Guardian Mobile system is designed to work for all financial situations.