What Should My Loved One Do if Their Medical Pendant Necklace Goes Off

As family members age, it can be difficult not to restrict their independence. Setting up a medical pendant necklace gives your loved ones the freedom they want while easing your concerns. Medical necklaces alert you and emergency medical services if your loved one falls unexpectedly, gets lost, or experiences a life-threatening emergency. You don’t have to worry about the appropriate reactions to a medical pendant alert. Here are some tips to follow when you get an alert for your loved one:

Types of Medical Pendant Necklace Alarms

You need to know which types of alarms are available to know what to do in the event a medical necklace gives off an alarm. Life Guardian Mobile has different medical alerts to give you and your loved one a variety of options.

The most common medical alert is for fall detection. A fall detection alarm will go off if the device detects a suspected fall. A live operator wirelessly connects to the device to speak with your loved one if the alarm is triggered. 

Your loved one’s medical alert necklace can send an alert if they push the SOS button. The SOS button is a button on the wearable medical alert device that will connect your loved one to a live operator. 

You can opt into receiving a GPS-enabled wandering alert. The wandering alert will go off if your loved one goes outside a predetermined boundary. Set up and adjust the boundary as needed. 

Life Guardian Mobile has add-ons for purchase to protect your loved one from smoke, fire, CO, flood, and more. 

What to Do During a Fall Detection Alarm

A fall detection alarm will send an alert if your loved one has either sustained a fall or accidentally pressed the button. False alarms are rare. It happens if the medical pendant is accidentally dropped and bounces when it lands on the floor.

After a fall has been detected, the medical alert device will send a signal to our communication center. A live agent will activate a direct connection. The agent can speak with your loved one through the alert device. 

If your loved one has fallen and the fall detection alarm has sent a signal to our communication center, they will need to remain calm. They should try to remain still unless instructed to move. They need to follow the instructions of the customer care operator.

Your loved one will not have to push any buttons or take any special actions to speak with the operator. The operator’s voice will come through the device loud and clear.

Our operator will ask your loved one questions to assess their situation. We will contact the emergency contact person and alert emergency medical services based on their answers. If our operator cannot reach your loved one or your loved one is unable to speak, we will dispatch emergency services. 

What to Do During SOS Button Activation

If your loved one is in distress, they can push and hold the SOS button on their medical alert pendant. After two seconds they can release the button. Like with the fall detection alarm feature, a live agent will connect to the device. 

The operator will follow the same pattern of asking questions to determine the severity of the fall. We will contact the emergency contact and emergency services when needed. Your loved one should try to stay calm and avoid danger while they wait for help.

We will dispatch emergency personnel based on the level of contact we receive from your loved one. Our number one priority is the care and safety of your loved one. 

What to Do if the Wandering Alert Goes Off

One of the features of your loved one’s Life Guardian Mobile medical alert device is GPS monitoring. If your loved one is prone to wandering, you can set up an alert to notify you if they go outside of the preset zone. 

The medical alert device offers an “emergency text location” feature. The feature allows you to find your loved one’s specific location if you are worried about them. All you have to do is text “TRACK” to a specific number. You will receive a live map with your loved one’s location. 

You can have this feature turned off if your loved one does not need this type of monitoring. 

Can I Add to a Medical Alert System?

The medical alert pendant has many useful features. You might want additional monitoring for your loved one’s home. Life Guardian Mobile has various add-ons for you to choose from. Our add-ons will help you feel comfortable that your loved one is safe in their home. 

Our most popular add-ons are the Smart smoke/heat & CO detector and the Smart wireless flood detector. These add-ons are professionally monitored. They can detect smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, and flooding in the home. We will make sure your loved one is safe at home if you are unable to reach them. 

Life Guardian Mobile offers security cameras, a video doorbell, and a door lock with a pin code. The door lock with a pin code can be helpful in the event of an emergency. Emergency services will be able to use the pin code to enter the home without causing any damage to the door or door frame. Intruders will not be able to unlock the door without entering the pin code.

Choose a Life Guardian Mobile Medical Pendant Necklace

If you’re concerned for your loved one’s safety when you’re not around, get them a Life Guardian Mobile medical pendant necklace. Our alert systems can be worn as a necklace, around the wrist like a watch, or clipped onto a belt.

The medical alert necklace will send an alert if your loved one falls, pushes the SOS emergency button, or wanders outside their designated safety zone. You will feel at ease when your loved one has a Life Guardian Mobile medical alert device. Take comfort in knowing your loved one is safe and will receive help quickly in the event of an emergency.