Top 3 Features to Look for in a Medical Alert Device

Not every medical alert system is made the same. While they all feature a central communication system along with a pendant attached to a necklace or bracelet, there are certain features that you should always look for before you choose a device.

These devices are tools that support your independence so you can feel confident at home or on the go. But in order for that to really happen, you have to also feel confident with the tools at your disposal.

The right medical alert system should provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones, so be sure you see these three features before making your purchase.

1. The Device is Waterproof

This is the easy one, but it’s one of the most important.

Your device must be waterproof because water “resistant” is insufficient.

We’re talking about a system that is designed to support your independence, and that means that you must always know that the complete medical alert system is working properly, and that the second you press that button, you’ll get a response from well-trained support staff.

But what if some water managed to get into the circuitry? Can you be sure that it will still work as intended when you really need it to?

A waterproof device is, without a doubt, a critical feature for any medical alert device. You need to know that the pendant will work perfectly even after it goes through a shower, bath, or otherwise gets dunked in a lot of water.

2. The Pendant and Hub Meet Regulatory Specifications

There are several regulatory bodies that make sure electronic devices work properly and reliably. So, when you look at different medical devices, make sure they’re embossed with industry markers such as:

  • FCC – This indicates that any electromagnetic radiation from the device is within the specified limits.

  • CE – This mark is necessary before the device can be sold in the EU. This shows that the device has been assessed by the manufacturer and meets the EU regulations for safety and health.

  • PTCRB – This certification indicates that any device that is operating on mobile networks is fully compliant with those network requirements.

3. The Provider’s Central Station is ULC-Compliant

It’s not just the device that has to meet certain standards. The manufacturing facilities and, in the case of medical alert systems, the provider’s central stations must also be certified by the Underwriters Laboratory of Canada (ULC).

ULC standards were developed to help ensure that products that have a bearing on life safety and security can deliver the services as effectively as possible.

The Life Guardian Medical Alert Pendant

You can feel confident with the Life Guardian medical alert system. Our pendant is wearable in the bath or shower, and it detects dangerous falls and automatically sends an alert. It has an SOS button for immediate 2-way communication, and GPS tracking for location notifications.

These pendants are easy to use, produce crystal-clear loud audio, and can use voice prompts to let you know when the battery is getting low or if a call is being made. We’ve designed them to be durable, lightweight, and extremely reliable. If you have any questions about our medical alert pendants, contact us today and talk to one of our specialists about your needs.

“My grandmother called me to help her with the unit, so I called Life Guardian for help. It was late but their technical people picked up and helped right away. That makes me feel great that my grandma is in good hands.”

– Duncan C., Porcupine Ontario

“I wear my Life Guardian device all the time, even in the shower. I’m on a fixed income and this is quite affordable. I was 62 when I got the device and am now 66 and live alone. I feel safe knowing I can press the button and get help when I need it.”

– Lucy N., 62, Burlington, Ontario

“Just recently, I fell and had to use my button. It was comforting to know that somebody was checking up on me and making sure that I was okay during that time. I was reassured until the paramedics arrived.”

– Wendy D., Hamilton, Ontario
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