Recently Featured on CHCH

Life Guardian was recently featured on CHCH Morning Live. Life Guardian is the most effective Medical Alert company in North America. It’s not just our device but our outstanding 24 hour technical support team.

Discussing the Benefits of Life Guardian on CHCH Morning Live

Morning Live is a show that provides news, information, and entertainment on CHCH every weekday from 6 – 10 AM. People all over Ontario and beyond tune in each morning to view local news, sports, traffic, and more.

Recently, everyone tuning in got to see Life Guardian and our primary medical alert pendant spotlighted on the show.

Betta Ha from Life Guardian by GlobalTek appeared on the segment with Annette Hamm to discuss the benefits of our medical alert system to demonstrate some of its important features.

The first thing Annette explores was what differentiated this medical alert system from others on the market. What primarily sets us apart from our competitors, is our exclusive and unique partnership with Bayshore Healthcare.

Life Guardian’s medical alert pendant is the exclusive device that Bayshore offers to its 350,000 clients nation-wide. The trust they put in our medical pendant system is – as Betta points out – a significant differentiating factor.

The host asks about many other important device details as well, including if it requires good internet for it to function properly. The answer: No internet is required whatsoever. The system operates solely on cellular technology, and Betta even provides a live demonstration to show its crystal-clear two-way voice function via the cellular network.

They also talk about how the system keeps family and friends in the loop in the event of emergency. If there’s ever an alert, up to five people receive a text about the situation in real time. The system also has “geofencing” for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s.  Annette Hamm asked how it worked, since those with such conditions tend to wander unknowingly without utilizing the medical alert system itself.

Betta then shows how family members receive instant notices when the device leaves a pre-defined area, while also receiving a link to a map showing the device’s location in real time—all via SMS text.

Finally, the two discuss the system’s price points, with Betta pointing out that there are multiple pricing plans – with or without contracts including price match guarantees – because everyone deserves this kind of support and peace of mind.