5 Features That Make Our Medical Pendants Unique

If you are living alone or are worried about a senior living alone, you may be looking for practical solutions to alert others if there is a medical emergency.  While many products and services are available to help you feel secure in your home, Life Guardian Mobile is marketing a medical pendant necklace with distinct features that gives you peace of mind.  Below are the top five features that set us apart from other medical pendant providers:

1.) Fall Detection

One feature our customers appreciate about our medical pendant necklace is its ability to detect falls.  You no longer need to worry that your loved one lay for hours without help in the event of emergency.

Our medical pendant works in two ways. You can push the button to activate assistance, or it can detect falls automatically in the event of emergency due to a slip or tumble.  When this happens, we activate the device to speak to you.  If we determine the situation an emergency, or if you do not speak back to us, we will send EMS to your location and notify loved ones immediately.

2.) Remote Access

Many medical pendant devices provide security only when you are in the home. The medical pendant necklace from Life Guardian Mobile, however, works wherever you are, whether at home or on the move.  Our device uses the 4G wireless network to monitor you or your loved one’s activities.  The device can also detect your loved one’s location via its built-in GPS technology. 

You can set a safe zone or “geofence” with this pendant as well.  It will send an alert if the person goes outside their defined perimeter, as determined by you. This feature is ideal for those with dementia who are prone to wander.  You may also disable this feature at any time as well.  You may also track your loved one manually too by texting “Track” to a special number, which will retrieve your loved one’s immediate GPS coordinates within 10 seconds.

3.) Practical Solutions

Our medical pendant necklace is easy to use and live with. It uses one button for connectivity and communication.  Simply hold the button for two seconds to dispatch for assistance.  When we respond, you will hear us clearly with no need to hold the device close to your ear.  For clients who may be blind, “Help” is written in braille on the button.

You need not to worry about losing the device, since you can always text “Ring” to your special number and the device will “beep” for four minutes until found.  The device is also water-resistant, which allows you or your loved one to wear it in the shower.  The pendant is comfortable because it only weighs 1.5 ounces.  Extended battery life allows you to wear it longer than many competitor brands before re-charging.  It can last up to 72 hours without being placed back on its cradle.

4.) Immediate Help

Another benefit of Life Guardian Mobile’s medical pendant necklace is that you have 24-hour tech support on top of 24-hour medical monitoring.  We are available 24-hours a day for any pressing technical matters.  If the pendant stops working or does not perform as intended, we can often troubleshoot and solve the issue remotely.  We know how important it is to have your device working at all times, so our 24-hour tech support remains one of our clients’ most valuabled attributes of Life Guardian’s mobile medical pendant.

With the Life Guardian Mobile medical pendant, no matter where they go or what they do, help is just one button-push away.  Immediate two-way voice communication can help clients feel safe knowing that they are speaking with trained responders who can properly assess the situation.

With our vast network of monitoring stations, we can stay operational in all kinds of situations, from floods to hurricanes to fires.  We use industrial-grade generators at our facilities to ensure your loved ones can always connect with someone when they need help, irrespective of electrical or weather-related conditions.

5.) Affordable Plans

Life Guardian Mobile offers two plans to choose from. The Essentials Plan starts at just $29.99 USD per month and provides constant 24-hour monitoring.  If you pay the first year upfront, the one-time activation fee is waived.  For those on a limited budget, we also offer affordable month-to-month packages.

The Premium Plan allows you to add on multiple home devices for additional safety.  It comes with our All-in-One touchscreen panel that works as a hub for these additional gadgets.  You choose the add-ons that are most valuable for your situation, such as our smart smoke & heat detectors, security cameras, door or medicine cabinet sensors, and even a door lock with a pin code for your front door, to allow EMS to enter without issue.

Order a Medical Pendant Necklace

If you do not need all the extra gadgets, you can get the 24-hour protection you want for you or your loved one with our Essentials Plan.  To learn more about our medical pendant necklace to choose the right plan for you, contact Life Guardian Mobile NOW. We have been working in our field for over two decades to keep people just like you or your loved one safe at home while preserving their independence.