Medical Alert System for Seniors Premium Plan

You can live independently at home

With the Premium Plan, you get everything in the Essentials Plan PLUS as many home add-ons as you’d like to make life at home easy, secure, and worry-free, all for just $15 more a month.

Get peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Fall Detection Technology
GPS-enabled Wandering AlertSuitable for customers with alzheimer’s who are prone to wandering.

This option can be disabled at no extra cost if there are privacy concerns.
Immediate 2-way Voice Communication Button
Smart home add-on devices for extra security
24/7 Technical & Emergency Support
Home base with a screen on it is 7.9" wide and 5.77" tall. The pendant sits in front.
Comes with magnetic charging base
Comes with lanyard, belt clip, or wrist option.

Your senior alert system includes:

Pendant, home base, and add-ons

Like the Essentials Plan, the Premium plan comes with our reliable medical alert pendant.

But you’ll also receive our All-in-One touch-screen panel that acts as a hub for all your add-ons. You can integrate as many as needed to feel more secure at home.

Home base with a screen on it is 7.9" wide and 5.77" tall. The pendant sits in front.
Comes with magnetic charging base
Comes with lanyard, belt clip, or wrist option.

Pick and choose your add-ons

Select as little or as many add-ons to integrate with your account.

Smart Smoke/Heat & CO Detector

$179.99 +HST | Honeywell Prosix

Professionally monitored, wireless, combination smoke/heat and carbon monoxide (CO) detector.

Smart Wireless Flood Detector

$59.99 +HST | Honeywell Prosixflood

Monitor bathrooms, laundry rooms, furnace rooms, basements, etc., for flooding or abnormal amounts of water.

Door Lock with pin code

$249.99 +HST | Weiser Z-Wave Door Lock

Lock that has a key, but also allows for caregivers and paramedics to enter the home with a pincode without breaking the door down in an emergency.

Video Doorbell

$199.99 +HST | SkybellHD

See who’s at the door and speak to them, without having to get up.

Security Camera

$199.99 +HST | Honeywell Lyric C2 WiFi Security Camera

Monitor the front or back door for unintended wandering or suspicious/dangerous activity.

Door/Window Sensor

$39.99 +HST | Honeywell Prosix (Mini 2)

Get alerts when a cabinet is opened or closed to monitor medication usage.

Your monthly price will not change, no matter how many products you chose. Simply pay the upfront one-time fee and enjoy the independence these items create.

Benefits of our medical pendant

Senior alert systems with high-tech features

  • Detects dangerous falls
  • Emergency button for immediate 2-way communication
  • Can wear in shower
  • Tracks wandering with GPS
  • Comes with both plans

Premium Plan Pricing

Pay one year upfront to waive the activation fee and get a month free.

Take advantage of this special deal on our reliable medical alert systems for seniors.

2 years

Home base, pendant, and any add-ons


+ $39.99 one-time fee

1 year

Home base, pendant, and any add-ons


+ $39.99 one-time fee

Month to month

Home base, pendant, and any add-ons


+ $39.99 one-time fee

Feel secure at home or on the move with Life Guardian.

Connect with one of our client care specialists now to discover a reliable way to support your independence.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Essentials and the Premium plan?

The Essentials Plan for our elderly alert system includes our worry-free, reliable medical alert pendant and 24/7/365 monitoring.  With this you get advanced fall detection technology, immediate 2-way voice communications, and GPS wandering alerts.

The Premium Plan medical alert system for seniors includes everything in the Essentials Plan plus the all-in-one touch-screen hub, which allows for additional add-ons for your home for even more security and safety.

Where can I learn more about the pendant?

You can learn more about our state-of-the-art pendant here:

How secure and reliable is your network?

Our central stations have multi-location redundancy to ensure that single points of failure cannot interrupt communication between personnel and client.

They are also surge-suppressed, power managed, and possess industrial grade generators to guarantee no interruptions in service or issues with connectivity.

Our networks are designed and implemented to stay operational irrespective of environmental irregularities, including fire, flood, ice storms, major power outages, and hurricanes.

How does the 2 way communication work?

Simply hold your SOS button for two seconds. A loud, crystal-clear voice will then come live over the device to ensure that you are OK.

What should I do if an alert is accidentally triggered?

You may double-press the SOS button on your medical alert pendant rapidly. This will immediately cancel the call.

Alternatively, you may wait until your Life Guardian assistant comes live over the device. Simply tell them that you pressed the button accidentlly.

What do my loved ones do if they receive an alert?

If loved ones are unable to reach the pendant user directly to confirm their status, simply call our toll-free number and cite the account number. We will confirm for you in seconds the nature of the alert.

Can I change who gets messaged in the event of emergency?

Absolutely. Simply call in and one of our friendly client care specialists will do it live for you right over the phone.

How does the fall detection work?

Life Guardian’s fall detection systems use “accelerometers,” a type of low-power radio wave technology that can monitor the movements of our clients. We use three different types of axis accelerometers.

The fall alert technology can measure sudden falls by detecting abrupt changes in body movements.  The technology can further evaluate body position, physical activity, and the smoothness of their acceleration of movements. If our device’s algorithms determine that these variables are within the “danger zone,” it will automatically alert a Life Guardian representative.

Is the device compatible with my pacemaker?

If you are medically compromised, please contact your healthcare professional to confirm that our technologies are compatible with your health situation.

Is there a contract?

We offer contract and contract-free options. Our contract-free option is our most popular.

What if I need to cancel mid-contract?

If you sign a contract to enjoy the lower rates for committing, you will unfortunately owe for whatever is remaining on your contract if you or your loved one passes away mid-term.

How long does the battery last? I’m worried the battery will die without me knowing.

Though we recommend charging your device nightly, the battery may last up to 72 hours uncharged. If the battery drops below 10% however, the unit will tell you that the battery is running very low and notify your loved of the same issue.

How quickly does the device arrive after ordering?

Sometimes next business day, but usually within three business days.

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Small dark grey oval shaped medical pendant with a light grey large button in the center.

Essentials Plan

Get our worry-free pendant with 24/7/365 monitoring


Not sure if you want the Essentials or Premium plan?